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CharCoat and ShieldCrete® AU/NZ (JV Partner) are continuing to supply 90-minute Fire Rated CharCoat CC Cable Coating to Ravensthorpe Nickel Mine on a Multi-Substation application throughout the mine site. CharCoat CC is supplied and installed giving the existing non-fire rated cables a renewed…

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Cable Coating

CharCoat CC Cable Coating is now the most sought after Cable Fire Protection coating in the market today. Our CharCoat Cable Coating is “built for purpose” in Fire Rating electrical cables…

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Fireproofing Insulation
4 Hour Firestop

For over 20 years we have seen a multitude of Firestopping products enter the market, and soon after disappear. But the constant Cable Penetration Seals, or Firestopping always reverts back to fire…

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Insular Coating

CharCoat IC is extremely hydrophobic, displaying a water droplet contact angle greater than 100 degrees. Moreover, the coating has a quick hydrophobicity recovery rate, and by the migration…

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Conveyor and Rubber Belt
Protective Coating

CharCoat Passive Fire Protection, teaming up with its partner SheildCrete® International are proud to introduce their latest innovation for in-service conveyor belt repair. The ShieldCrete BeltShield®

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    5 Basic Things You Must Know About Passive Fire Protection in 2022

    Fire safety in the workplace, home, or anywhere is everyone’s responsibility. Whether because of the improper use of equipment, misuse or neglect of wiring, accidents, mishandling of materials, or poor structural, operational, and material features…

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    Top 4 Common Misconceptions About Passive Fire Protection in 2022

    Passive fire protection (PFP) systems function as fireproof barriers or fire retardants that reduce or delay fire spread in a facility for a certain period. It safeguards your properties and the welfare of your employees. Passive fire protection is an essential…

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    Top 5 Benefits of Using Passive Fire Protection in 2022

    Passive fire protection systems are composed of tools and other engineered solutions that reduce fire occurrence or delay their spread in a facility for a certain period. It reduces the extent of damage, risk to lives, and gives people more time to vacate the…

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    CharCoat Saves Lives
    CharCoat PFP: Experienced in Asset Protection

    Since 1994, Sean Ritchie, Founder, and CEO of CharCoat Passive Fire Protection Inc. have been protecting assets from electrical cable, structural, hydrocarbon, and jet fires.

    In the many years since conception, CharCoat has formed a global footprint in manufacturing and supplying “Fit For Purpose” products, offering creative solutions for our clients on industrial, Oil & Gas and commercial projects.

    Coupled with Brand purchases of Firestop products, and tested and certified by UL-EU, the CharCoat PFP (Passive Fire Protection) range is a complete system for electrical cables (in tray and single) and Plastic/metal pipes. All CharCoat products are toll manufactured in the USA, UK, and South Africa.

    CharCoat also now has Serviced Offices located in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, India/Middle East, South Africa, Turkey and Trinidad, with its head office located in British Columbia, Canada.



    CharCoat Passive Fire Protection is very proud to announce that we are now Franchising our Company and products.

    CharCoat’s Franchise model consists of the franchisee purchasing product at manufacturing cost to benefit the local end user. Sharing our company and products worldwide is the key initiative. we now have several franchisees in place including Turkey, India, Canada and several other countries, including finalization of Europe.

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    At a time when corporate social responsibility is no longer just an afterthought but an important consideration for companies. CharCoat Passive Fire Protection Inc. has now positioned itself to help the most vulnerable of our society; children.

    Once our Social Service Program becomes more established, we will also partner with our clients

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    Credits to – Passive Fire Protection Materials Market size was valued close to USD 6 billion in 2020 and will showcase significant growth at a rate of 6.6% from 2021 to 2027 driven by rising awareness of fire safety along with technological advancements, which is credited to rising R&D investments across industries. The rapid adoption of advanced fireproof materials.

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