Ceramic Thermal Insulation Coating

From heavy industrial, to commercial and residential, the CharCoat CTI is an all new Ceramic Thermal Insulation Coating that is sprayed directly to the substrate, to provide superior insulation. Whether it is piping, tanks, transport, roofing or walls, the superior insulation properties of CharCoat CTI will protect your substrate and reduce energy loss, increase efficiency and prevent corrosion (CUI – Corrosion Under Insulation).

CharCoat CTI can help save on running costs due to less demand for heating and air conditioning. Condensation and radiation properties also reduce maintenance cost, and You can even Insulate the hardest-to-reach areas. CharCoat CTI Ceramic Thermal Insulation can be applied at high temperatures – no need to stop production.

Insulation values of CharCoat CTI

Uncoated Pipe

CTI Coated Pipe

Uncoated Pipe Section

CTI Coated Pipe Section

The benefits of CharCoat CTI

The CharCoat CTI range of thin-film insulation technology is designed to provide;

    • Superior insulation
    • Easy application (spray, roll or brush)
    • Excellent durability
    • Maximum return on investment

The benefits of CharCoat CTI

The benefits of the CharCoat CTI thin-film insulation products are;

    • No corrosion under insulation (CUI) issues
    • Condensation prevention
    • Reflect heat as well as slow down the transfer of heat
    • Reduce energy loss, increase efficiency and prevent corrosion (amount depends on thickness)
    • Insulate complicated or intricate items
    • Great capability to insulate items that are already in service
    • Easy to inspect for internal and external corrosion without having to remove the insulation
    • Provides additional sound insulation
      Can be top-coated with a wide range of different products for color and additional chemical resistance

    What does CharCoat CTI do?

    The CharCoat CTI products prevent condensation, radiant heat transfer, corrosion and water ingress, whilst providing insulation against heat transfer.

    This is a significant difference between CharCoat CTI and other ‘insulating’ products that are actually only heat reflective coatings. CharCoat CTI helps keep you warm in winter and cool in summer—it is ‘true insulation’. You will save dramatically on fuel and energy costs whether trying to keep things cool or hot.

    One of the additional benefits of the CharCoat CTI thin-film insulation is that they can be used to reduce thermal expansion of the underlying substrate. This is particularly important for long steel (or even concrete) elements, because it can impart significant forces on structural members, fixings and their supports. For instance; large bridge sections, railway lines, pipelines and large span or long steel structures can all undergo significant stresses due to thermal expansion/contraction. Even when designed for the movement, over time the joints & fixings can get fatigued and the members that are resting on supports can get worn down from the constant abrasion against the supports.

    CharCoat CTI insulation products can help to minimize the adverse effects of thermal expansion/contraction by minimizing the temperature oscilations of the material.

    CTI Product choice and substrates

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