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CharCoat Cable Coating (CC) Radiant Temperature Approval

June 13th 2018 – Vancouver, Canada – CharCoat Passive Fire Protection, a global leader in Passive Fire Protection, specializing in Electrical Cables is very pleased to announce that one of its core products, “CharCoat CC” Cable Coating has passed another ground breaking test for the protection of electrical cables from fire and heat.

CharCoat Cable Coating (CC) is a 100% UV Stable 90-minute Fire Rated Intumescent Latex coating. Applied to electrical cable(s) to Fire Rate and/or stop spread of flame along electrical cable systems in hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon environments.

At the request of one of our very important clients. CharCoat Cable Coating (CC) was submitted to a hi-temperature Radiant Test. The test consisted of power cable, instrumentation cable, 50mm and 100mm PVC Pipe

Tested at an average temperature of 900°C at 1 metre for 60 minutes at a dry film thickness of 1.6mm. The CharCoat Cable Coating (CC) far exceeded what was expected. The current carry capacity of the cable was not affected, the PVC pipes were not affected and as expected, the CharCoat CC Cable Coating was also unaffected with no deterioration to the coating whatsoever.

“Typically there is no test standard for this type application where radiant temperatures were a concern.” said Sean Ritchie, Director and Founder of CharCoat. Mr. Ritchie continued, stating, “But our client asked us to help and we were only too happy to make sure that our CharCoat CC could do the work, and that was proven beyond a doubt”

“Coupled with the 1100°C, 90-minute Hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fire tests for direct flame on electrical cable, the new Radiant test highlights that CharCoat CC is the leader in cable fire protection,” said Ritchie.

Please contact CharCoat Passive Fire Protection for your copy of the New Radiant Fire Test.

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