Shanghai, China – CharCoat Passive Fire Protection Inc., the global leader in Fire Protection, specializing in Electrical Fire Protection & Insulation coatings, was very proud to be a part of the China International Import Expo, November 5th – 10th 2020 through our partner Xianheng International Science & Technology Co., Ltd, (XHI).

CharCoat CC was front and centre at the Expo not only to show excellence in Hydrocarbon Fire Protection of Electrical Cables but also to showcase how we protect assets from loss”, stated Claire Lam International Purchaser Xianheng International Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

“With the introduction of CharCoat CC already complete, CharCoat will now begin the introduction of Charcoat Firestop products, CharCoat CTI Insulation Coatings and of course CharCoat IC Insulator Coatings” said Sean Ritchie, CEO of CharCoat. “we will see a healthy advance of our products into the China market in 2021 with the secure goal of protecting people and assets that no other manufacturer can complete”, added Sean.

To CharCoat, our service, especially technical service is paramount in completing our products. Our CharCoat CC Cable Coating for instance is without doubt now the market leader in cable coating, not just in gallons supplied, but incorporating the scope of current approvals, continuing tests and varying applications. We know our new customers located in China are ready to protect many more assets from fire, downtime and lost revenue.

About CharCoat Passive Fire Protection

CharCoat Passive Fire Protection is the market leader in Cable Coating Technology, with the purpose to develop and manufacture the most technologically advanced coatings, firestopping and protection coatings to safeguard against loss of assets for their clients.

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