March 23rd, 2023 – Vancouver, Canada – CharCoat Passive Fire Protection Inc., the global leader in Passive Fire Protection, specializing in Electrical Fire Protection, Firestopping & Insulation coatings, is very proud to announce ShieldCrete Internationals completion of works at PASAR in the Philippines utilizing CharCoat CTI – Jungle Green.

PASAR (Philippine Association Smelting and Refining Corporation) Located in Leyte, Philippines was formally established in 1983 by the Philippine government as the first in the eleven industrial projects intended to pave the way for the country’s industrialization. In June 1999, Glencore International procured PASAR. 

After the transition they built an additional oxygen plant (2006), register ISA-type cathodes with a brand name of PSR Isabel in the London Metal Exchange in 2008, have an additional VPSA (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption) Plant (2012) and expand smelter in 2015. Currently expanding the annual production rate of our cathode to over 200,000 metric tons per year. 

Since 2015, PASAR has been working annually to increase the production of its registered cathodes to over 200,000 metric tons per year. They have been facing issues with their Kumera dryer, with damage sustained to the cogs and heating elements. This has happened due to friction and corrosion under insulation (CUI). During maintenance, the 17-metre heating element damaged the cogs. 

To address this problem, PASAR reached out to ShieldCrete® to find a coating solution that will prevent future damage from CUI and friction. Upon consultation, CharCoat CTI-Jungle Green at a DFT of 1.8mm  was selected. CTI-Jungle Green has proven effective to address their current problem. 

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