CharCoat Passive Fire Protection is very pleased to offer our Distribution options. Based on profitability for our customers, cost savings for the end users and the promotion of our CharCoat Brand.

For all agents of manufacturers worldwide, it is a continuous struggle to win projects, not just based on the merits of the products, but also pricing. We know without doubt that our complete range of Passive Fire Protection is the most superior and highly rated range for its purpose whether for simple firestopping or for the more detailed Cable Coating, intumescent steel or insulation Projects. The continual battle to win 5% – 10% of what is quoted within your region is a true commercial struggle.

Our Distribution options takes that struggle away and gives the ability to quote products and projects with DIRECT MANUFACTURING PRICES for all of the CharCoat Range. This doesn’t just apply to Regional Distributors or Resellers, it can also be utilized by Firestop Installers, and facilities that continually upgrade their passive fire protection.

Our Distribution options are:

CharCoat Franchise
Becoming an CharCoat Franchise is an exclusive Franchise Distribution Agreement for each country. A Franchisee would be purchasing all CharCoat products at cost (no administration fees). There is of course an initial Franchise fee (value based on country size and industry) There are no monthly fees but CharCoat will receive a royalty payment in line with industry standards for incoming sales. This is very straight forward option and the most value for all parties. Your company would become CharCoat [your country].

CharCoat Alliance
Becoming an Alliance Partner is also an exclusive distribution agreement. An Alliance Partner would be purchasing all CharCoat products at cost (no administration fees). There is a monthly fee for this service and an initial deposit which is 4 x the monthly fee (value based on country size and industry). Monthly fees do not begin until product is on the ground in country. but the initial deposit would be paid on signing of the agreement. Obviously with all of our products under the Alliance, 100% of the profit is yours and you are buying product at cost. The only thing required is the monthly fee which will grow overtime based on your purchases.

CharCoat Exclusive Distributor
Our Exclusive distribution option means that you would be the only company that can purchase CharCoat products from us for your country. You would be purchasing at standard Exclusive Distribution Rates. You would have a budget that you would have to adhere to annually.

Why should our Company be a Franchisee or Alliance?
Becoming a Franchisee or Alliance Member of CharCoat gives your company (regardless of its nature: reseller or applicator/installer) the ability to purchase products at “manufacturing” cost. This gives you an incredible financial advantage over your competitor in securing contracts as you are no longer paying manufacturer or reseller margins. This does not just lower your purchase price for products to cost, it also has the following benefits:


  • Lower import duties due to cost pricing.
  • Lower taxes due to cost pricing.
  • All sales, commercial and application visits at no cost.
  • Advertising credits.
  • Increase profitability, not only due to lower product cost, but increased contractual work (market share),
  • Larger market share for the Franchisee / Alliance Member resulting in greater local brand presence.
  • Greater market control with increased projects and profit.
  • Closer collaboration with CharCoat and its other Franchisee / Alliance Member resulting in more specific future product selection.
  • Discounts available for more than one country.
  • Annual meet and greet with CharCoat and Franchisee / Alliance Member.

Please contact our office in either Canada, Thailand, India, Hong Kong or Trinidad to discuss our revolutionary program in detail.

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