May 4th, 2023 – Vancouver, Canada – CharCoat Passive Fire Protection Inc., the global leader in Passive Fire Protection, specializing in Electrical Fire Protection, Firestopping & Insulation coatings, is very proud to announce the completion of Insulator protection works at Novacim Cement, Morocco.

CharCoat has started supplying IC insulator coating to the North African cement industry. CharCoat IC was applied to Novacim Cement Factory’s high voltage substations (225 Kv) located at Ouled Ghanem near El Jadıda, Morocco.

Novacim, a subsidiary of Societe Generale des Travaux du Maroc (SGTM, new cement plant has a capacity of 1.4 million tons per anum (mtpa). The aim of the project is to meet the strong demand for cement from the Central Economic Region.

During the construction phase, the plant will employ close to a thousand people and create 400 permanent jobs during operation. The main contract was completed by BETAŞ with their parent company BEST A.Ş., who typically provide TEİAŞ in Turkey and other customers with electrical contracting services, who commission facilities that meet the expectations in countries such as Iraq, Algeria, Georgia, Morocco, Qatar, etc.

All CharCoat IC application was completed successfully by our Turkish distributor EGEFEN in 2022. EGEFEN was established in 2013 as a passive fire protection and insulation supplier/installer completing many large projects in the Turkish market. Since 2020, EGEFEN has been marketing the CharCoat Range of products, not only completing many projects in Turkey, but also in Morocco and Iraq. 

CharCoat IC is a unique room temperature vulcanised (rtv) silicone elastomer formulation specifically developed by CharCoat Passive Fire Protection and Mace Technologies in collaboration with the Electric Power Research Group of the University of the Witwatersrand for the prevention of pollution flashover of high voltage outdoor insulation.

The exceptional hydrophobicity of CharCoat IC inhibits the formation of continuous moist conductive layers on insulator surfaces. This, in turn, limits the flow of leakage currents thus preventing the creation of dry bands and partial discharges – critical steps in the flashover process.

The material’s usage has ranged from small 11kV Substations to complete 765kV Transmission Stations and 533kVDC Converter Stations.

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