July 13, 2022 – Vancouver, Canada – CharCoat Passive Fire Protection Inc., the global leader in Fire Protection, specializing in Electrical Cables, is very proud to announce the appointment of our new Sales Manager in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The new Sales, Service, and Technical office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located in Jeddah and now manages all CharCoat’s requirements for the country. 

Our new Sales Director in the Kingdom, Mr. Syed Majeedul Hasan has many years experience in industrial and decorative paints and coatings, passive fire protection coatings, and building chemicals products and fireproofing applications. Mr. Hasan has already become a great asset to CharCoat with the vast knowledge of coating with his background degree in Chemical Engineering.

Mr. Syed Majeedul Hasan
CharCoat Sales Manager, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“We are very happy to be opening our new branch office in a location that is pivotal to offering the best service available to our customers” said Sean Ritchie, CEO and Founder of CharCoat. Mr. Ritchie continued, stating,

“To CharCoat, our service, especially technical service is paramount in completing our products. Our CharCoat CC Cable Coating for instance is without doubt now the market leader in cable coating, not just in gallons supplied, but incorporating the scope of current approvals, continuing tests and varying applications. We know our customers will utilize our branch offices while we extend our product reach to protect many more assets from fire, downtime and lost revenue”

Our office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now open and already supporting our existing and new clients.

You can now contact our Jeddah office on: + 966 55 571 3132. Mr Hasan can be also contacted on majeed@charcoat.com

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