CharCoat and ShieldCrete AU/NZ (JV Partner) are continuing to supply 90-minute Fire Rated CharCoat CC Cable Coating to Ravensthorpe Nickel Mine on a Multi-Substation application throughout the mine site. CharCoat CC is supplied and installed giving the existing non-fire rated cables a renewed 90-minute fire rating for a cellulosic environment while stopping all spread of flame along the cable systems.

Electrical Substations are the backbone of any sites electrical system. In some instances, if one substation goes down due to fire, the site may not be able to function. In applying CharCoat CC Cable Coating to substations throughout the site, Ravensthorpe Nickel Mine is isolating a potential fire to the source and isolating the substation. Lowering the fire risk to the site and mitigating the risk to operations and financials.

CharCoat CC was chosen by Ravensthorpe Nickel Mine as it not only carries 90-minute Hydrocarbon Ratings, but also that it is approved for exterior use under QUV approval. CharCoat CC was applied to IEC standards (IEC-60331-21).

Ravensthorpe processes nickel laterite ore extracted through open-cut mining. Their product contains about 40 per cent nickel and 1.4 percent cobalt on a dry basis. Waste heat from the process is recovered to produce steam via three 18MW steam turbines, for the generation of power and to provide heat for the leaching process. In late 2021 Ravensthorpe officially opened their Shoemaker-Levy orebody, signifying the next phase of their operations. Shoemaker-Levy will extend the life of the mine by approximately 20 years and is the primary source of ore for the mine.

Ravensthorpe’s annual production is targeted at around 30,000 tonnes of nickel per annum.

CharCoat provides passive fire protection technology with a wide range of fire ratings. Firestop products are designed for saving lives and protecting assets. Nine firestop products and cable coating are available. CharCoat CC is designed as water-based latex intumescent fire protection coating for electrical cables which can be used for interior and exterior applications specially developed to stop fire from spreading on single and grouped cables in vertical tray to support the cable structure. 

CharCoat CC will consume large amounts of heat while keeping the cable cool and insulated for 90 minutes. CharCoat CC Cable Coating is an IEC and FM Approved, water-based, Latex Intumescent fireproofing material especially developed for the fire protection of grouped or bundled electrical cables and penetration seals for interior or exterior applications (QUV Approved).

CharCoat now offers ShieldCrete International’s product range to the market which can be found on our website or products are located at:

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