CharCoat Passive Fire Protection

Fire Panel

Fire Panel

CharCoat Fire Panel (FP) is designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through openings in fire rated walls and floors where large openings are formed to allow the installation of multiple building services. CharCoat FP will also maintain the acoustic design performance in fire rated walls and floors.

CharCoat FP consists of a high density stone wool core, over-coated with CharCoat Cable Coating. The top coating provides additional protection by significantly reducing the permeability of the stone wool core and prevents the passage of hot gases, thus reducing the temperature rise on the unexposed side and reducing heat conduction through the building services.

CharCoat FP is available with top coating on one or two sides, selected on the basis of installation considerations and fire resistance requirements. On site, CharCoat FP must be used together with CharCoat IS for sealing around building services and the surrounding construction.

CharCoat FireStopping Panel

CharCoat FP offers the following benefits:

    • Up to 4 hours Fire Rating
    • Classified for all types of constructions with or without building service penetrations
    • Simple and very quick to install
    • Easy to retrofit additional building services after installation
    • Permanently flexible – will accommodate movements during fire and smaller movements in the construction it has been fitted within
    • Suitable for most surfaces, including concrete, bricks, masonry, steel, wood, gypsum, glass, plastic and most non-porous surfaces
    • May be used in unlimited lengths in walls with heights up to 1200 mm and in floors with widths up to 120 mm.
    • May be installed in gypsum walls with or without framing around the opening
    • Halogen free with added fungicides
    • Once fully cured, the board resists UV, humidity and frost
    • CharCoat FP can be supplied with a smooth surface
    • Precautions are required to be taken to prevent a person stepping onto a blank horizontal penetration seal
    • Nearly unlimited storage time

NOTE: E Approval = Integrity | EI Approval = Insulation

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