Charcoat Firestopping

For over 20 years we have seen a multitude of firestopping products enter the market, and soon after disappear. But the constant Cable Penetration Seals, or Firestopping always reverts back to fire rated mortars, fire rated panels and fire rated Sealants, and of course the trusty fire rated collars.

The CharCoat Firestopping (FS) Range consists of these simple, proven solutions that are the stalwarts of the firestopping industry.

  • CharCoat FS Mortar
  • CharCoat FS Panel
  • CharCoat Intu Sealant
  • CharCoat FS Collars (made to order only)

The complete range of CharCoat FS is tested and approved to BS476:20/22, As1530 Part 4 Approved, BOMBA approved for Malaysia and Indonesia and with further ongoing testing, the CharCoat SC Range is the perfect cost effective solution for your construction and firestopping needs.

The CharCoat FS range can seal:

  • Electrical Cable Penetrations
  • PVC/UPC pipe penetrations
  • Steel pipe penetrations
  • Through wall duct systems

For Joint works, CharCoat Intu Sealant seals joints up to 30mm wide in wall and floor applications and in conjunction with CharCoat FS Panel, fire rates cable and pipe penetrations up to 4 hours.

CharCoat FS Panel fire rates cables, pipes and duct penetrations for up to 4 hours in floor and wall applications. While CharCoat FS Mortar will fire rate cables and pipe penetrations for up to an amazing 6 hours.

CharCoat FS Mortar

  • 1-2 hours             75mm Thickness
  • 3-6 hours             100mm Thickness
Firestopping Sealant

For the CharCoat FS Range, we offer the following benefits:

  • Cold smoke and air tight seals
  • Good acoustic insulation
  • No coat back required
  • Simple installation
  • Light weight
  • Suitable for sealing around most types of service penetrations
  • Unaffected by humidity
  • Maintenance free
  • Low smoke emission
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