CharCoat Passive Fire Protection is very proud to announce a record breaking test for our Electrical Cable Coating. CharCoat CC has now been tested and approved to fire rate electrical cables up to 90 minutes to the UL1709 fire Curve at 1100®C constant temperature. Tests were completed at Intertek Fire Laboratories in Texas, USA.

The electrical cables were tested in single and bundle format in placed in cable trays.

This truly shows that CharCoat CC is a one of a kind product. We can now say with certainty that our Cable Coating is the highest rated coating for electrical cables within the marketplace and now gives many facilities much clearer options on protection their cables for extended periods, especially for Hydrocarbon applications at a lower cost than the market is used to. Coupled with our UV certification, FM and Nuclear, we cover all facets of protecting electrical cables from fire and disintegration.

The maximum time frame for fire rating cables with cable coating was 60 minutes for 1100®C and now that has been extended out by CharCoat Passive Fire Protection to 90 minutes.

If you are looking to protect your cables in a hydrocarbon environment, please feel free to contact us at anytime, we are always here to offer our assistance.

Passive Cable Coating Protection

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