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Intumescent Coatings

As defined by Wikipedia; “An intumescent is a substance that swells as a result of heat exposure, thus increasing in volume and decreasing in density. Intumescents are typically used in passive fire protection and require listing, approval and compliance in their installed configurations in order to comply with the national building codes and laws of a designated country”.

CharCoat Passive Fire Protection Coatings, such as CharCoat CC and CharCoat IS are all intumescent based coatings (and Sealants) using the most up to date technology available.

CharCoat Intumescent Coatings

So how does a CharCoat intumescent coating work? A CharCoat Intumescent coating (whether for steel fireproofing or electrical cable fire protection) is a layer of protective intumescent paint or coating, which functions through by chemical reactions generated by heat, resulting in swelling up to several times its thickness and forming an insulating layer on the surface, with or without release of water.

CharCoat Fireproofing Coating increases in volume and decreases in density when exposed to heat, (up to 800%) under fire.

CharCoat Intumescent coatings are the ideal solution for the protection of Structural Steel or Electrical Cables from flame spread and fire. As the intumescent coating expands, it protects the substrate from “fire and heat” for a given period of time, allowing all staff to safely exit a structure, or permitting fire brigade adequate time to secure the scene, and extinguish the fire, all while saving the asset from destruction.

With CharCoat Intumescent Coatings, Protecting YOUR asset is our number one priority.

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