Protect Your Business – Prevent Structural Steel & Industrial Buildings From Catching Fire!

Did you know that your commercial business in Malaysia may require passive fire protection by law?  Fires can spread quickly and it is important to be prepared to avoid disaster.  By installing our CharCoat SC Range of Thin Film Intumescent Coatings for Structural Steel, your building can meet fire safety standards, insuring your operation is safe from a fire catastrophe.

CharCoat‘s specially formulated, incredibly thin, intumescent fire coating can be applied to interior or exterior steelworks and is designed to stand up to C4 exposure. CharCoat SC offers the best in fire safety, while still being aesthetically pleasing.  Do not settle for second best.  Protect your business and prevent fires from spreading with the latest in passive fire protection technology.

Stop Cable Fires From Spreading!

Unprotected electrical cables and/or sheaths can be some of the most highly flammable materials in a commercial building or offshore operation.  By protecting High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) cables with CharCoat CC you will not only be preventing the spreading of cable fires, but you will also be able to identify the location of a short circuit, due to an intumescent char forming at the spot of failure.  This can help save millions of dollars and will allow you to address and fix a cable issue before it becomes a major issue.

CharCoat CC will last the life time of the cable with applications now over 35 years.

CharCoat CC is a water-based Intumescent Latex coating for interior and exterior applications. Our coatings are developed to stop fire from spreading on single, grouped or bundled electrical cables and meet the strictest fire-rated standards in the industry, including FM Globals’ FM3971: Flame Retardant Coating for Grouped Electrical Cables.

Firestopping Intumescent Cable Coatings

Supplied & Installed In Malaysia

CharCoat supplies passive firestop systems throughout Malaysia and other regions of Asia through CharCoat Asia Sdn Bhd.   Don’t risk downtime or your important assets.  Contact us today to receive a free quote to protect your commercial projects.

Our structural steel and intumescent cable coatings have been used in Malaysia for over 20 years on applications such as Stadiums, Substations, Cinemas, Hotels, Shopping Centers, Hotels, Airports, Cable Galleries, Switch Rooms, Power Stations, Battery Rooms, Cable Basements, Transformer Bays / Areas, Motor Rooms, Pulp Mills, Marine applications (ships / rigs), Mine Smelters and more.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Cable Fire Protection
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CharCoat Asia Sdn Bhd
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CharCoat – Firestopping Products

The CharCoat Firestopping (FS) Range consists of these simple, proven solutions that are trusted leaders by the firestopping industry.

  • CharCoat FS Mortar
  • CharCoat FS Panel
  • CharCoat Intu Sealant
  • CharCoat FS Collars (made to order only)

CharCoat FS Range

The complete range of CharCoat FS is tested and approved to BS476:20/22, As1530 Part 4 Approved, BOMBA approved for Malaysia and Indonesia and with further ongoing testing, the CharCoat SC Range is the perfect cost effective solution for your construction and firestopping needs.

The CharCoat FS range can seal: electrical cable penetrations, PVC/UPC pipe penetrations, steel pipe penetrations and through wall duct systems.

CharCoat FireStopping Panel

Hassle Free On-Site Installation

CharCoat CC is easily applied by spray or brush and adheres extremely well to cables and tray, allowing for application almost anywhere, including vertical or overhead application.  See how easily our intumescent firestopping coatings are applied in the video below.

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