CharCoat CC

Hydrocarbon Cable Coating for the protection of Electrical Cables
90 Minute Fire Rating
Exterior / Interior Application
QUV Certified
5 Gallon Pail (22.5kg)
Colour: White
Non Toxic / Non Hazardous
Minimum Order Quantity: 36
36 Pails / pallet


For technical information, please visit our CharCoat CC Information Page

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FM3971 – Spread of flame
FM3971 – Ageing
FM3971 – No Deration
FM3971 – Salt water test
IEC 60331-11/21 – 750°C (HV)
IEC 60331-11/21 – 1100°C
IEC 60332-3 – Spread of flame
ASTM E 84 – Flammability Test
ASTM E162 – Flammability Test
ASSTM D4256-83 – Nuclear Test
ASTM D2565 – UV Stability Test
870C Radiant Temp Test


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