CharCoat Insulator Coating (IC)

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Silicone based coating for the prevention of pollution flashover
Set includes IC coating and Primer
Exterior Application
Non-Toxic / Non-Hazardous
Colour: White
IC & ICp HS Code:
Shelf Life 12 months
Pail: 5 litre Pail & 1 litre pail
Pail Size: 240mm x 180mm Dia

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

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For technical information, please visit our CharCoat IC Information Page


BS2918 – Dielectric Strength
IEC 93 – Surface Resistivity
IEC 93 – Volume Resistivity
IEC 60273 – Hydrophobicity
ASTM D 495-99 – Arc Resistance
ASTM D 2303-97 – Tracking and Erosion
CPRI REC Sprc. – Hydrophobicity Recovery



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