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Prices / Cost of Transportation

All quoted prices are based on the current exchange rates, tariffs and costs of manufacture. Unless otherwise stated in the quotation, quoted prices are subject to change by CPFP with or without notice until accepted by Purchaser’s acceptance. Prices are subject to correction for error.    Unless otherwise stated, all prices are EX Works and include domestic packing.  Customary methods of transportation shall be selected by CPFP and such transportation will be at Purchaser’s expense. Special methods of transportation will be used upon Purchaser’s request and at Purchaser’s additional expense, providing reasonable notice of Purchaser’s transportation requirements are submitted by Purchaser to CPFP prior to shipment.

Returned Goods

No goods may be returned to CPFP without CPFP’s prior written permission. CPFP reserves the right to decline all returns or to accept them subject to a handling/restocking charge of 20% of the existing invoice value. Even after CPFP has authorized the return of goods for credit, CPFP reserves the right to adjust the amount of any credit given to Purchaser on return of the goods based on the conditions of the goods on arrival in CPFP’s warehouse(s). Credit for returned goods will be issued to Purchaser only where such goods are returned by Purchaser and not by any subsequent owner of the goods. Goods will be considered for return only if they are in their original condition and packaging.

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