Social Services

At a time when corporate social responsibility is no longer just an afterthought but an important consideration for companies. CharCoat Passive Fire Protection Inc. has now positioned itself to help the most vulnerable of our society; children.

Guided by our new Director de Servicios Sociales (Director of Social Services), CharCoat has implemented a strategic program of aiding several Orphanages located in South America.

Charcoat has begun aligning itself with many Orphanages located in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru and is supplying funds of up to 3% of the Gross Profit of the company.

CharCoat as always is a hands-on Company and our Director de Servicios Sociales, visits, registers and allocates funds for each orphanage based on needs, whether it is food, education materials, clothing, building materials for repairs, labor for work or any further needs.

The goal is about helping as many children worldwide as we can, and as CharCoat grows, we will establish more countries under our “Social Services” Program.

Once our Social Service Program becomes more established, we will also partner with our clients (where possible) to provide further assistance and expand our program.

CharCoat Passive Fire Protection Inc. is not a registered charity, nor does it purport to be. We are providing this service to simply help our children and babies flourish in environments where somethings are simply not available.


our head office

Suite 301-220 Brew Street
Port Moody BC V3H 0H6  Canada
Phone: +1 604 941 1001
Cell: +1 604 723 6744

Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +66 (092) 863 9833

La Romaine, Trinidad
Phone: +1 868-751-8413

Kowloon, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 5100 8324 (HK)
Phone: +86 1501 250 8324 (CN)

Kerala, India
Phone: +91 95 6772 7879

Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 216 9060676
Phone: +90 532 4316793

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