Spray-Lock® Concrete Protection

What is Spray-Lock® Concrete Protection?

Spray-Lock® Concrete Protection (SCP) provides a variety of products that have been specifically designed and tested to restrict the movement of moisture and chemicals that have degrading qualities on concrete.

SCP has been developed to combat the many causes of concrete deterioration through long-lasting, cost-effective coating products. Not only protecting concrete but protecting the asset owner. For instance, with SCP’s Potable Water Certifications many facilities that had to be protected with liners can now use SCP without the messy, long-term application of other products. Like all CharCoat Products, our goal is Asset Protection

Benefits of Spray-Lock® Concrete Protection

SCP technology features three core benefits: concrete durability, waterproofing and floor moisture control.

Concrete durability is vital for any construction, marine, mining or rail project. With an effective coating, concrete can last up to decades longer. This is due to water and contaminates being prevented from moving through the concrete. While concrete is somewhat durable on its own, SCP reduces development of corrosion conditions, enhances resistance to salt and/or chemical attack, and enhances freeze-thaw resistance.

When installing flooring, the last thing you want is moisture issues. Whether in a new construction or an existing space, moisture can make all the work worthless. SCP’s technology offers the quickest protection for your flooring, giving you the confidence that you can meet the demands of floor moisture concern and not lose construction time. SCP products allow flooring to be successfully installed in as little as 14 days after SCP application with no moisture-related failure problems in structurally sound concrete.

While many view concrete as being solid, there are still many ways that water can penetrate and move through it. Cracks, joins and other small openings are all weak points that should be protected to stop water ingress. Not only is waterproofing important for protecting weak points in the concrete structure, assets like tunnels, dams, holding tanks, and below-grade walls usually need additional waterproofing measures to maintain integrity against water.

Product Benefits

  • Waterproofs concrete matrix permanently
  • Protects embedded reinforcing steel
  • Rejuvenates concrete capillary & pore structure
  • Ready to accept all coatings & coverings
  • Improves resistance to chemical & environmental attack
  • Permanent protection
  • Access slabs in as little as 1 hour
  • Increases durability
  • Minimizes mold & mildew
  • Saves time & money
  • Non-flammable
  • Zero VOC
  • Easy to apply
  • Safe to apply

Installation Advantages

  • Allows foot traffic in as little as 1 hour for most flatwork. Up to 3 hours for really dense concrete and/or extremely high moisture conditions
  • Ready to accept coatings and/or coverings in as little as 24 hours on existing concrete
  • Can purge and/or encapsulate contaminants in concrete
  • 0.0 g/ml VOC content
  • Water-based
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • Odorless

Key Differentiator

We have partnered with Spray-Lock® Concrete Protection as they are the leading provider of concrete protection, and like ShieldCrete, are focused on continual product innovation to improve market offerings. That means that you will be getting the industry best whenever you choose SCP for your concrete assets.


  • AS/NZS 4042 – Potable Water Certification
  • NSF/ANSI 61, “Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects.”
  • ASTM C39 – Compressive Strength
  • ASTM C157 – Length Change | Drying Shrinkage
  • ASTM C1583 – Pull-Off Test
  • ASTM E96 – Water Vapor Transmission
  • ASTM C1543 – Chloride Content
  • ASTM E303 – Surface Friction
  • EN 5470-1 – Abrasion Resistance
  • ASTM C666 – Freeze Thaw
  • Din 1048 – Resistance to Water Penetration Under Hydrostatic Pressure
  • EN 14630 – Resistance to Carbonation
  • ASTM C1353 – Abrasion Resistance

Product Specific Details

For more product specific details from the Spray-Lock Concrete Protection range, contact CharCoat today or e-mail us at mail@charcoat.com

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