Passive fire protection (PFP) systems function as fireproof barriers or fire retardants that reduce or delay fire spread in a facility for a certain period. It safeguards your properties and the welfare of your employees. Passive fire protection is an essential component of every modern building and the smartest investment to protect your investments.

Firestopping Intumescent Cable Coatings

While passive fire protection should be a staple in all fire hazard protection measures, it is often neglected as builders, homeowners, and building managers are influenced by wrong conceptions. Such poor practice does nothing good and could only backfire *pun intended* terribly.

In our decades of experience, we have encountered recurring misconceptions that only led to costly consequences and a handful of maintenance problems.

“Our active fire protection system is enough”

Active fire protection uses fire detection systems that are either automatic or programmed to respond once triggered or require human operation as the need arises. Some classic examples of the latter are sprinkler systems, fire hose, and fire extinguisher, among others. This system is more commonly known and adopted by many.

But there are two forms of fire protection – active and passive. Is one system enough? Passive fire protection is usually favored over active ones because of the safety and convenience it offers and the minimal maintenance it requires. In practical terms, these two systems work hand-in-hand and we recommend having both for a safer and more balanced approach in your fire hazard management.

“I don’t need passive fire protection yet”

We have had several encounters or heard stories wherein a potential client thinks they do not need it yet…until they suddenly do. It’s too unfortunate to know that lives could have been saved, assets could have been protected, and fire hazards could have been easily handled or prevented through an effective fire protection system.

Passive fire protection aims to safeguard your people and business from untoward incidents like this. [Relevant link:]


“It is passive, return of investment is low”

Contrary to its name, passive fire protection is not passive at all! It functions/works all the time as a fire retardant, and you start reaping the benefits the first day you use it.

"Spending much less would save me much more”

Oftentimes, builders, homeowners, and building managers settle for sub-standard materials or cheap options and expect to get the best out of their money. We encourage you to invest in quality fire protection systems that will surely do the work and will last you a long time.

Oftentimes, company assets are lost to fire, necessitating repair or replacement, which could last for weeks or months. Cable coating, for example, stops fire spread and saves the cable, significantly minimizing company downtime and the possible costs you may incur. The cost of lives, properties, assets, and other resources lost is incalculable.

[Relevant link:


Charcoat’s fire protection products are typically at least four (4) times cheaper than active fire protection systems and its maintenance costs for a facility, twenty-eight (28) times cheaper than the potential revenue losses a company might incur in case of fire hazards, and extends the life of your assets for up to 15 years.

CharCoat - Fire Retardant Products

Why choose Charcoat?

Since 1994, CharCoat has been providing passive fire protection solutions for industrial, oil, gas, and commercial projects, serving individuals and companies, and saving assets from electrical cable, structural, hydrocarbon and jet fires. Our complete range of passive fire protection and fire retardant products carry the seals of UL-EU, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and Factory Mutual (FM), having been tested and certified to meet the highest safety standards in the industry.

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