Passive fire protection systems are composed of tools and other engineered solutions that reduce fire occurrence or delay their spread in a facility for a certain period. It reduces the extent of damage, risk to lives, and gives people more time to vacate the establishment and ample time for emergency services to respond and act. Passive fire protection is commonly used in high rise buildings, houses, hotels, hospitals, industrial facilities, schools, warehouses, railways, car parks, railways, bridges, supermarkets, on- and off-shore hydrocarbons, or literally everywhere

Cable Fire Protection

If you’re curious about the benefits passive fire protection users are already reaping, this article is for you!

Contain fire in an area and ensure safe egress of people

It is not fire per se but the growth and rate of spread that cause more destruction. Fire grows rapidly and severely when it is exposed to flammable materials, when the room is small, when heat builds up fast in the environment, and when there is poor ventilation.

For instance, this is where compartmentation, a form of passive fire protection, becomes advantageous. The use of fire rated walls, floors, and ceiling delays fire spread significantly, clears the path for better movement, prevents excessive heat absorption, and allows proper ventilation. This means more time for people to vacate the building premises and ample time for the emergency services to respond.

The welfare of the people should always come first anyway. And passive fire protection solutions will help you fulfill that responsibility effectively and efficiently.

Protect your property and assets

In connection to the first point, the use of fire stopping solutions reduces the risk for fire to spread to the other parts of the building. This means that there is no need for you to spend double or triple for the repair or replacement of lost assets or weakened parts of the establishment.

The integrity of the structure contributes greatly to the safety of your employees or building occupants too.

No additional human operation or interventions needed

Some active fire protection systems, such as fire extinguishers and hose, require additional human operation or manual intervention for it to be used or applied in cases of fire. Building personnel or occupants need to be trained on these and prepared to perform such measures 24/7.

With passive fire protection, people in the building need no additional training for the system to be maintained and for it to work in the event of a fire. PFP works 24/7 too!

Minimize company downtime

Electrical cables or sheaths are some of the most dangerous and highly flammable materials in a workplace. Whether on high, medium, or low voltage, fire will spread along the surface of the cable and cause destruction to the other areas of the facility. In this case, cable coating will be your best friend.

Let’s take our intumescent coating for example. CharCoat intumescent coating is a layer of protective intumescent paint or coating that expands because of heat exposure and forms an insulating layer to fire rate the cable. The coating will sacrifice itself to protect the cable, so replacement is not required, the cable continues to function as normal after the fire, and your daily operations are unhampered.

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Take fire spread out of your worries list so you can focus on what matters most – your business

Whether you’re using fire stopping or fire retardant solutions for your business or home, this is the best advantage you could get because your peace of mind is priceless!

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